Wågene tests oil cleaning for EALs

09 Mar 2017

Wågene Purifiner has completed a study of how well its Purifiner oil cleaning system handles environmentally acceptable lubricants (EAL).

Following a request from a customer, the test was carried out using new oil sent from Kluber Oil Germany to test its bio oil type EG 2-68 which is a hydraulic oil.

The tests especially focus on the water content in this type of oil as it is very difficult to remove water from environmental oil.

Due to a lack of water in the new oil (0.02-0.03%) Wågene added 25% water and mixed it with the oil for the tests.

An analysis of the oil was then taken at four stages, just the oil, after the water was added and mixed with the oil, after two hours of cleaning with Purifiner and after four hours of cleaning with Purifiner.

Following the cleaning, all values on the gas content after cleaning were at an acceptable level under established limit value.

Wågene Purifiner also conducted a FZG test on the Kluberbio oil EG 2-68 after cleaning with Purfiner, purification of this oil was conducted by Wågene Purifiner Technology AS in Norway. This analysed the lubricants breakdown under defined conditions of temperature, rotational speed and load.

It was carried out using ISO standard – DIN ISO 14635 – 1 A/8.3/90 and finished with strong results. After four hours of cleaning, the oil was a better grade than the new oil provided by Kluber and the reduction of water in the oil after the test is 99.3%. In addition, the reduction of particles after the tests was 80.2%.