20,000 slide fuel valves retrofitted to MAN engines

10 Jun 2013
MAN PrimeServ’s slide fuel valve

MAN PrimeServ’s slide fuel valve

MAN PrimeServ, the service division of MAN Diesel & Turbo, says that its has recently retrofitted its 20,000th slide fuel valve.

The valve, introduced some 12 years ago, is now a standard fitting on current MAN B&W engines, and can be retrofitted to the older MC designs. By eliminating the so-called ‘sac volume’, the valve contributes to improved fuel oil consumption, which can be further enhanced by cutting out dripping from the fuel valve nozzle. By improving the combustion process, the slide valve can help reduce NOx formation, and cut emissions of visible smoke, particulates and hydrocarbons. A further benefit is reduced soot formation at part load, said to be particularly advantageous when slow steaming, as it reduces the need to run at high revolutions in order to clean the exhaust channels.

The valve can be fitted by MAN PrimeServ, or, after suitable instruction, by the ship’s engineers.

Christian Ludwig,head of retrofit and upgrade, MAN Diesel & Turbo, said: “Slide fuel valves have proved to be very popular within the marine, two-stroke market. Really, it’s a case of having introduced the right technology at the right time and the slide fuel valve’s strong market performance is testimony to the fuel savings and increased environmental profile it brings to working vessels. It is important to note that slide fuel valves improve the low-load operating capability of engines.”

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