Propulsions & Emissions Conference 2012 - Call for papers

13 Dec 2011
Last year's Propulsion & Emissions Conference

Last year's Propulsion & Emissions Conference

The 2012 Motorship Propulsions & Emissions Conference, organised by Mercator Media Ltd, has opened its call for papers today.

The conference will take place from 23-24 May 2012 and will provide ship operators with solutions and answers to ensure their fleets comply with the 0.1% sulphur limits coming into force in Emission Control Areas (ECAs) from 2015.

It is predicted that 85% of the current fleet will still be in operation in 2015 but, with 70% of the world wide fleet expected to enter one of the Emission Controlled Areas in Europe or the US, few have addressed this so far.

The 34th Motorship Propulsion and Emissions Conference will provide ship operators with solutions and answers to ensure their fleets comply. It is a 'must attend' event for anybody dealing with technical aspects of ship operation and shipbuilding, fuel and lubricant issues and everyone involved in emission control technologies.

The Call for Papers has now been released and abstracts must be received by 21 January 2012.

A full list of topics for abstracts is now available. Topics include LNG engine developments and dealing with future NOx, PM and CO2 emission limitations both for existing fleets and new builds. Subjects also cover holistic approaches to designing the ultra efficient ships of the future and onboard energy saving practices. Abstracts relating to efficient and low-emission propulsion systems will also be considered.

To submit an abstract, please send 200 words together with a biography of the speaker to: 

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