ABS calls for tougher standards

01 Mar 2000

Following the preliminary report about the loss of Erika, ABS has proposed a range of measures to tighten scrutiny of ageing vessels. "It is quite clear that Erikasank as a result of structural failure," says ABS chairman and CEO, Frank Iarossi.

He comments: "Substandard ships continue in service because there are substandard owners willing to operate them. They are supported by substandard flag states eager to register them, substandard charterers prepared to hire them and substandard class societies that will turn a blind eye to their shortcomings."

Amongst ABS?s proposals are:

  • Class transfer on vessels over 15 years should be limited to within six months following a special survey.
  • Two surveyors to attend all tankers and bulkers for Special Survey number three onwards and to take photographic evidence.
  • Computerise class records, including thickness measurements, to be in a standard format that can be transferred from class to class with the vessel.
  • Class to supervise actions of approved thickness measuring companies with reports in standard format.
  • Annual internal examination of all ballast tanks after Special Survey number three.
  • Tighten enforcement of permanent repairs at time of survey and restrict circumstances allowing further voyages prior to repair.
?s classification society says it supports the proposals put forward by ABS.

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