ABS exhaust gas scrubber advice

01 May 2013
The Advisory will help the indsutry meet environmental requirements

The Advisory will help the indsutry meet environmental requirements

Maritime classification company, ABS, has released its ‘Advisory on Exhaust Gas Scrubber Systems’, to help vessel owners and operators assess practicality of using exhaust gas scrubbers to meet current and upcoming environmental regulations.

ABS says as the industry looks for solutions for increasingly stringent low sulphur fuel requirements, it is important to understand the impact of the regulations and properly access the available technologies.

Howard Fireman, vice president, operational and environmental performance, ABS, said:  “The Advisory has been developed specifically for that process. Once the options are identified, owners and operators must find the most cost-effective solution that fits within their expected operating profile and ABS is here to assist with such techno-economic analysis."

Exhaust gas scrubber systems, use of higher priced low sulphur fuels and alternative fuels, are among the options available to address emission requirements.

In addition to the Advisory, ABS has also published the Fuel Switching Advisory Notice and the Guide for Propulsion and Auxiliary System for Gas Fuelled Ships that can help asses and develop solutions to meet emission requirements.

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