ABS to class new breed of U.S. Navy warship

08 Jun 2004

ABS announced it will be classing the U.S. Navy?s new breed of warship, the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), by applying technical Rules and standards established in its newly developed Naval Vessel Rules.

As a small specialized member of the future surface combat family of ships, LCS complements the capabilities of DD(X) and CG(X), and takes advantage of the newest generation of hull form technology. A fast, agile, and networked surface combatant, LCS?s modular, focused-mission design will provide Combatant Commanders a new dimension of fighting capabilities and operational flexibility.

The longstanding relationship between ABS and the U.S. Navy reached a major milestone last year with the signing of a formal Cooperative Agreement with the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) to jointly develop the ABS Naval Vessel Rules to support the design and acquisition of non-nuclear naval combatant ships and craft. As planned, the first of these will be the LCS ships recently selected by the U.S. Navy, including two basic designs, one a semi-planing monohull from Lockheed Martin Corporation and the other a trimaran from General Dynamics.

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