ABS type approval for BWTS

28 Sep 2011
A Hyde Guardian system photographed on a PSV newbuilding

A Hyde Guardian system photographed on a PSV newbuilding

US-based Hyde Marine, a Calgon company, says that its Hyde Guardian ballast water treatment system (BWTS) has received type approval from ABS, adding to approvals from Lloyd’s Register.

The company says that its Hyde Guardian was the first BWTS to receive product design assessment (PDA) certification from the American Bureau of Shipping, in April 2010. PDA is the technical approval for equipment and is the first step in receiving ABS type approval.

The system was type approved in 2009 by Lloyd’s Register on behalf of the UK Maritime and Coast Guard Agency (MCA), confirming compliance with IMO Resolution MEPC.174 (58) Guidelines. Testing was conducted at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ), in accordance with IMO G8 Guidelines. The BWTS uses automatic backflushing depth filtration to remove sediment and organisms, and UV disinfection to destroy or inactivate smaller organisms and bacteria. It is fully automated and can be integrated into the ship’s ballast control system. It can be skid mounted for new construction or delivered in modules for fitting to existing vessels. Type approved models are available for ballast flow rates from 60 to 6,000 m3/h.

John Platz, general manager, UV Technologies Division, Calgon Carbon, commented, “We are honored that the Hyde Guardian is among the first ballast water management systems to be recognized with ABS type approval, further supporting our goal to continue to provide the marine industry with safe, efficient, and cost-effective ballast water treatment systems that address the growing concern over the introduction of invasive species into local marine environments.”

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