Alfa Laval fuel conditioning system

01 Nov 2001

A new fuel conditioning system from Alfa Laval will be available in three sizes, with a modular concept for maximum flexibility to suit the needs of specific installations. Key components are the fully automatic back flush filter, the new M6M plate heat exchanger (using either steam or thermal fluid as heating medium) and the entirely new Viscochief viscosity control system. For the ship operator, Alfa Laval promises its new fuel conditioning system will provide a purpose-built, start-and-forget system. Together with the separation unit, it also completes the fuel oil treatment chain from bunker tanks to main engine. The M6M plate heat exchanger is specifically designed for marine applications including preheating of lube and fuel oil prior to centrifugal separation and as a component in the fuel conditioning system. Suitable for flow rates in the range from 3 up to 30m3, the M6M can operate at pressures of up to 16 bar and temperatures up to 170OC. This is accomplished by the use of special HeatSealF high temperature gaskets that have an expected lifetime of minimum 24 months when operating at 160OC. Purpose built for heating and condensing duties onboard ships, the TS-M series is Alfa Laval?s new generation of steam heaters. The TS-M is especially suitable for dumping condenser duties where it will generate savings both in space required and running costs. Due to the high efficiency of plate heat exchanger technology, compared to shell and tube, the amount of cooling seawater required is less thus saving on expensive electrical pumping costs. From the maintenance point of view titanium plates will match the vessel?s lifetime.

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