Alfa Laval supplies PureSOx to three more ro-ros

28 Jun 2013
DFDS ro-ro ‘Magnolia Seaways’ is one of three additional ships due to receive Alfa Laval exhaust gas scrubbers

DFDS ro-ro ‘Magnolia Seaways’ is one of three additional ships due to receive Alfa Laval exhaust gas scrubbers

Alfa Laval has picked up an order to supply PureSOx exhaust gas cleaning systems for retrofitting to three DFDS Seaways ro-ro vessels by Polish shipyard Remontowa.

Delivery is scheduled for July 2013 with installation and commissioning to follow immediately thereafter. DFDS first installed Alfa Laval’s PureSOx on the Ficaria Seaways in 2009, since when the system has operated for more than 10,000h in both open and closed loop configuration. Following this successful installation, DFDS decided to fit the equipment to two sister ships of Ficaria Seaways, namely Petunia Seaways and Magnolia Seaways, each of which is powered by a MAN 9L60MC-C main engine of 21,000kW. The other ship to be retrofitted is the Selandia Seaways, powered by two four-stroke GMT Sulzer 9ZA 50S engines, with a compbined power of 21,600kW.

Alfa Laval says that installation of PureSOx will enable the three ro-ro vessels to continue to use heavy fuel oil with a high sulphur content, yet comply with the future SOx emissions limit which takes effect in 18 months. The company adds that installing PureSOx and continuing to run on HFO will result in fuel cost savings of 30% to 40%, depending on the price differential between high-sulphur HFO and distillate fuels.

“We must address the upcoming regulations head on, and we’ve seen that PureSOx has proven that it actually works on the Ficaria Seaways. Therefore we have decided to go further by refitting three additional ships with PureSOx systems, which will wash the sulphur content in the exhaust gas from heavy fuel oil with a sulphur content of 2.2% to a level below 0.1%,” said Kasper Moos, vice president and head of DFDS’ technical organisation.

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