All-MAN package for US container ship

14 Aug 2014
Two TCA66 turbochargers are included in the all-MAN package

Two TCA66 turbochargers are included in the all-MAN package

US marine transportation company, Tote, has received an all-MAN Diesel and Turbo package for its containership, which is set to be the world’s first LNG-powered containership.

The company’s 3,100 teu vessel will also be the first to use MAN’s dual-fuel, low speed ME-GI engine, coupled with two TCA66 turbochargers. The vessel will also feature three 9L28/32DF auxiliary engines, each feature a single TCR18 turbocharger.

"MAN's engines and turbochargers will allow Tote to maintain its commitment resourcefulness, reliability, and responsiveness while reducing our impact on the environment,” said Anthony Chiarello, President and CEO of Tote.

"We are excited to be the world's first LNG-powered containership and the first to use MAN's ME-GI engine,” he added.

With this set-up, Tote has chosen environmentally-friendly engine technology and a flexible power solutions – both the ME-GI and 28/32DF engines can run on HFO or gas. Gas operation means a significant reduction in CO2, NOx, particulate matter and SOx emissions.

With the TCA66 and TCR18 turbochargers, MAN says Tote has chosen products that integrate well with the latest engine technology and match operator’s requirements for long service intervals and straightforward maintenance.

To this end, MAN recently announced it has extended the inspection intervals of its TCA turbochargers and has completely omitted the previously necessary bearing inspection between major overhauls.

The company also says maintenance on its turbochargers can be carried out by the operator’s own crew – after appropriate training – or by MAN PrimeServ, MAN’s global service organisation.

“It’s one of our unique selling points,” said Dirk Balthasar, head of sales and promotion, Turbochargers Business Unit, MAN. “Tote can now enjoy the additional benefit of MAN PrimeServ’s one-stop service for engines and turbochargers.”

A second, identical vessel is already under construction.

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