Antigua and Barbuda authorises GL for MLC certification

30 Aug 2011

The maritime administration of Antigua and Barbuda has authorised Germanischer Lloyd (GL) to carry out inspection and certification services under the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC 2006).

Antigua & Barbuda ratified the Convention on 11 August, giving complete effect to the Convention and thus implementing the national requirements in the Antigua and Barbuda maritime legislation. Ships with the Antigua and Barbuda flag can request certification for voluntary compliance prior to the anticipated entry into force date. GL as a recognised organisation acting on behalf of the flag state is now additionally authorised to conduct MLC 2006 related review, inspection and certification tasks. Antigua and Barbuda currently has 1,368 ships under its international register of ships.

According to GL, currently 18 IMO member states have ratified MLC 2006. Although these states represent the necessary 33% of world gross tonnage, 12 more member states must ratify the Convention. 12 months after the 30th ratification, the Convention will enter into force and ships of 500gt and above trading internationally will have to be certified for compliance.

“This authorisation puts our clients into the convenient position of being able to apply for certification of their Antigua & Barbuda flagged vessels in advance of Convention’s entry into force. This will ensure a smooth, speedy transfer to MLC 2006 certification, avoiding possible bottlenecks and delays that could arise in 2012 and 2013,” says Olaf Quas GL’s global head of practice ISM/ISPS/MLC 2006. GL provides a comprehensive all-round package through its ILO Cert service including: the MLC Analyser, a self assessment tool which enables ship managers to assess their ships' compliance and the MLC Pre Cert, a voluntary statement of compliance that guarantees transfer to MLC.

Adopted by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in 2006, MLC 2006 deals with the working and living environment of seafarers on seagoing ships. The new Convention provides a comprehensive framework with mandatory requirements as well as non-mandatory guidelines. It covers inspection on issues such as age, qualification, hours of work and rest, the existence of seafarer’s employment agreements, evidence of payment of wages, manning levels and availability of decent accommodations and recreational facilities for seafarers, medical care as well as food and catering.

In addition to the certification programme, GL offers international workshops and seminars to help ship owners and managers understand the regulations of the Convention, as well as how to implement its requirements. Recently GL also released the first E-learning tool covering the Convention, showing how a vessel's owners and crew can prepare themselves for an inspection.

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