Back on course

01 Oct 2004

In June this year the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), Miami, announced that the production of the cruise liner Pride of America shall be continued at Germany?s Lloyd Werft in Bremerhaven. The vessel sunk at the fitting out quay during a stormy night in January this year, after listing caused an inrush of water through access doors in the hull, to the bottom of the harbour. After this accident the yard ran into economical trouble as NCL did not pay the next rate due to progress of construction and lengthy negotiations with more than 60 insurance companies had to be carried out.
Finally the damage and salvage cost will be taken over by the insurance companies. It is said, that the final price will scarcely exceed the original estimated cost of more than 300 million Euro. But the yard has to pay the contracted penalty, due to late delivery. Delivery is scheduled now for beginning of June 2005. After commissioning the Pride of America will join the new NCL Hawaiian cruise service, started with the Pride of Aloha (ex Norwegian Sky) in July this year.
The origin of the Pride of America goes back to an order of the bankrupt American Classic Voyages Company (AMCV). This company in 1999 placed an order for two Project America cruise liners at Northrop?s Ingalls Shipyard at Pascagoula in the US. After the collapse of AMCV, the hull of the first vessel Queen of the Americas with all equipment and available material for the second vessel was purchased by NCL and towed to Europe. Lloyd Werft received the order for conversion and completion of the vessel at the end of 2002 and organised the transatlantic towage of the two thirds completed hull to Bremerhaven.
The first task was to lengthen the ship by 24.6 metres, to get the space for two more generating sets to improve the onboard power supply and to increase the speed of the now 280.6 metres long vessel. This job was carried out in the floating dock of the yard by means of sledges on which the separated parts of the hull could be pulled apart.
The propulsion plant consists now of six generating sets with a total output of 61,260 kVA and two pod drives delivered by Alstom , with an output of about 12,500 kW each. With this power the vessel reaches a service speed of 22 knots. The diesel electric power plant comprises of medium-speed eight-cylinder engines of the Wärtsilä 46 series with an output of 8,400 kW each. These also power three bow thrusters with an output of 2,450 kW each and one pair of Sperry stabilisers.
An additional effect of the lengthening was the improvement of the ship lines and the increased passenger capacity in the order of about 400 was appreciated by the owner. The total number of passenger cabins is now 1,055, with 230 of them inside, offering a passenger capacity of 2,300. With a total number of crew cabins of 438, the maximum number of guests and crew amounts to 3,200 persons.
With the overall length of 280.6 metres, a moulded breadth of 32.2 metres and a draught of 8,0 metres the Pride of America has a gross tonnage of about 81,000 tonnes. The height to the 15th deck is about 46 metres and the maximum height is 51.4 metres. Classification societies are Det Norske Veritas and American Bureau of Shipping. Flag state will be the United States of America. n

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