Becker delivers its largest Mewis Duct

24 Apr 2012
A Becker Mewis Duct being installed

A Becker Mewis Duct being installed

Becker Marine Systems has delivered what it says is the largest Mewis Duct yet made, with a diameter of 8.10m, for a VLCC construction project for Samco Shipholding, Singapore, at Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries.

Initial sea trials of the new 319m long VLCC showed measured fuel savings of about 5 %. This, says Becker, will ensure lower operating costs through the lifetime of the ship, and reduce CO2 emissions by 2,800t per year for a VLCC. As a result, Samco will equip all four VLCC of this series constructed at Hyundai Samho with Mewis Ducts.

Becker says that the Mewis Duct has proved particularly popular in the Korean shipbuilding market. Each week the company sales team is reported to receive over 10 enquiries from Korean yards. The company claims that the Mewis Duct is well suited to tankers and bulkers from 30,000dwt to 320,000dwt, and it is the only energy saving device on the market to combine the three principles in a non-linear interaction: wake field equalisation, reduction of hub vortex and contra-rotating swirl.

Hyundai Mipo Dockyard has ordered four Becker Mewis Ducts for an Italian owner, and two more for an owner from Monaco. Also STX has ordered three Mewis Ducts for 50,000dwt bulker newbuildings for a Danish owner, followed by four for a Greek owner. The first quarter of 2012 has seen orders for about 100 Mewis Ducts, as many as were ordered during the previous year.

Becker Marine Systems claims the following advantages for the Mewis Duct:

  • Fuel savings on average 6 %
  • Fuel savings up to 8 % in combination with a Becker rudder
  • Reduction of NOx and CO2 emissions
  • Suitable for newbuildings and retrofits
  • Reduced vibrations and pressure pulses
  • No moving parts, no service necessary
  • Return on investment in about 1 year
  • Installation time approximately 4 days.

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