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01 Dec 2011
The MotorShip's new search facility

The MotorShip's new search facility is now live

The parent company of The MotorShip, Mercator Media, has today launched new and improved ‘search’ functionality for its websites that will provide users with more relevant results, faster.

The new facility has initially been rolled out across the company’s seven main business-to-business magazine and exhibition brand sites. To achieve this, Mercator has chosen to partner with Funnelback UK and deploy its world-leading search engine technology.

Andrew Webster, managing director of Mercator commented: “Today, businesses are faced with an avalanche of information available for decision making. The real problem for them is finding and picking out the items that are actually useful and relevant. And the problem of information overload is only going to escalate at an ever increasing rate”.

Mercator Media publishes a range of market leading niche business magazines, online services and directories used by readers around the world in the marine and logistics sectors. It also produces a number of associated exhibitions and conferences such as Seawork. These services help businesses keep up-to-date, solve problems, research products and services, and locate specialist suppliers. But the number of items of information that Mercator publishes on its websites, together with the possibilities for adding yet more data from the Web, makes it an ever more complicated task. The solution to make it easy for users to access this enormous resource was for Mercator to provide a more sophisticated search technology.

Mercator Search will deliver faster, more accurate results. It incorporates features such as accurate key word searches, ‘faceting’ for quickly refining search results by category or brand as well as intuitive ‘type ahead’ suggestions. It will enable users to locate the information they want with fewer keystrokes and guide them to use the most effective query to meet their needs.

The benefit for advertisers is that Mercator Search allows suppliers to sponsor keywords and directory categories. They are also able to raise awareness by appearing at the top of relevant search results pages. This ensures they can achieve high visibility to their targeted audience and maximise ‘click-throughs’ at a measurable cost.

“Research shows that people in business spend at least 10% of their time on the Web just trying to find what they want. This adds up to many wasted hours every month and our task is to make this process as easy as possible. By adding our own tailored website search solution, we can add value to information and contrasts with most other b2b ‘search’ which is simply not up to the task”, Webster stated. “We are constantly developing our products and services and this significant investment for Mercator demonstrates how we intend to keep relevant for our clients”.

Funnelback UK’s General Manger, Matt Taylor, added: “The Mercator Media project is a great example of how Funnelback can simultaneously improve the search experience for end-users and provide organisations with the ability to monetise their search facility.”

Just visit any of Mercator Media’s great brand sites such as to see the benefits.

Funnelback is claimed to deliver leading edge search solutions and high-quality customer services and support. The core products offered by Funnelback are Enterprise Search for information retrieval across multiple repositories, and Website Search for fast and effective searching of web-based content.

Funnelback processes millions of search requests each day by organisations such as Skype, Dyson, Rolls-Royce, The London School of Economics, UCL, The Electoral Commission, Digital UK, Macmillan Cancer, Aegis Media and Legal & General. For more information:

Mercator Media Ltd is based in Fareham, Hampshire, UK. Established in 1989, the company maintains valued B2B marketplaces centred on the world’s marine infrastructure. It is experienced at creating integrated marketing strategies for clients using a range of channels including print, online, events and research. Some of Mercator’s scheduled events include: The Motorship Propulsion and Emissions Conference, Seawork International, the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition and the Gas Fuelled Ships Conference.

For more information:

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