Boxship engine completes type approval

16 Mar 2011
The S80ME-C9 engine on the test bed at HHI-EMD during the type approval tests

The S80ME-C9 engine on the test bed at HHI-EMD during the type approval tests

MAN Diesel & Turbo says that its Mk9 80-cm bore super-long-stroke engine recently completed its type approval test (TAT) at engine builder HHI-EMD, a division of Hyundai Heavy Industries in Korea

The two-stroke S80ME-C9 engine now powers a Maersk Line container vessel. The factory test ran over three days, with a comprehensive series of test runs, and was completed in January 2011. On completion of this test programme, the engine was installed onboard a Maersk Line container ship new building, which then successfully underwent a week’s sea trials in March 2011. 

The S80ME-C9 engine that underwent the TAT is the fourth in a series of 22 ordered by Maersk Line for its new fleet of 4,500 TEU container vessels. Constructed at HHI, each engine is delivered with waste-heat recovery (WHR) technology, including power-turbine and steam-turbine installations. MAN says that overall, the S80ME-C9 engine performed well both as an individual unit and in combination with WHR.

Recently, MAN B&W engines introduced a new efficiency optimised layout that includes increased scavenge-air and maximum-combustion pressures. With this latest technology, it is possible to reduce specific fuel-oil consumption by 2 g/kWh without increasing NOx emissions, a fact confirmed by the S80ME-C9 engine during testing.

With WHR, exhaust gas is removed from the main engine before the turbocharger(s), which results in less air passing through the engine and, accordingly, a slightly increased fuel-oil consumption. However, by harnessing the extra energy in the exhaust gas in the power and steam turbines, the overall efficiency of the complete system is increased significantly. When this is calculated in terms of fuel-oil consumption, the company says that a reduction of around 10% to 15% can be achieved.

All international classification societies were represented during the presentation of the engine, test-bed trials, safety-device tests, performance-data survey and a thorough, internal inspection of the engine and disassembled key components. The societies were, in turn, followed closely by a large group of interested parties, including representatives from the ship owner, shipyard, HHI-EMD and MAN Diesel & Turbo.

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