Canadian bearing company appoints new local distributor

08 Oct 2011

Mill Log Marine, of Burnaby, British Columbia, has been appointed as authorised distributor in British Columbia for Canadian manufacturer, Thordon Bearings, replacing W.L. Marine.

With this agreement, Mill Log Marine becomes the stocking distributor for Thordon’s non-metallic oil and grease free bearing systems.

Thordon Bearings designs and manufactures polymer bearing and shaftline products for the marine and other markets. These are claimed to eliminate oil and grease from bearing applications in ships and similar applications. Products are sold through a network that has been established in over 70 countries.

“Mill Log Marine’s reputation, expertise and knowledge of the marine market gives us great confidence in knowing that our products will be strongly supported in western Canada”, added Jan Willem de Jong, commercial director, Thordon Bearings. “By partnering with Mill Log Marine, we can now offer our British Columbia customers an outstanding level of service while offering the highest quality and most environmentally friendly bearing solutions in the marine, clean power generation and industrial markets.”

Don Lindsey, director of sales and marketing for Mill Log Marine stated: “Thordon Bearings Inc. produces high quality, water lubricated rudder and propeller shaft bearings specifically for the workboat and commercial vessel market.” “With working applications in extreme operating conditions being used by the US and Canadian Navies, cruise ships, bulk carriers, tankers and workboat ship owners across the globe, we are excited to bring these bearings to this region.” “Furthermore, this product eliminates the need for petroleum-based products for lubrication, which helps the environment and increases the life of the bearing.”

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