Cat moves into Brazilian market

04 Oct 2011
3500 DEP being packaged in Brazil

3500 DEP being packaged in Brazil

Caterpillar says that demand for its power products from Brazil’s emerging oil and gas industry has led to the company deciding to increase its local production and packaging capabilities, and to extend its product range.

Specifically, Caterpillar is now packaging 3500 diesel generator sets at its manufacturing facility in Piracicaba, Sao Paolo. The company believes that in many cases, the 3500 packages will offer sufficient local content to meet local financing requirements. The 3500 series packages are commonly used for diesel electric propulsion and marine auxiliary power in tug and salvage, cargo and offshore applications, as well as for emergency power and fire pumps.

Production expansion plans include the recent purchase of a 50,000m2 facility in Campo Largo, Parana state, a machine plant scheduled to begin operations this quarter. The company plans to expand the Piracicaba facility in the future. Additionally, Cat intends to extend its local product range to include smaller, high-speed engines as well as larger, medium-speed engines for Brazil’s marine and petroleum industries.

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