CBM on the cloud

28 Aug 2014

ClassNK and Daihatsu Diesel are to embark on a joint research project to research and tests extensibility of condition based monitoring and automatic diagnostics for auxiliary engines, using cloud technology.

The project will, according to ClassNK, test the extensibility of its CMAXS LC-A cloud-based machinery maintenance system. The system analyses data obtained from engine room sensors to provide automatic condition diagnoses and detect early signs of damage. The class society says that the software can show the condition of a wide variety of equipment in real-time, enabling lower lifecycle costs and enhanced safety through optimising scheduled overhaul intervals. The project is scheduled to continue until October 2015.

For the purpose of the research project, the system is being applied to auxiliary diesel engines manufactured by Daihatsu Diesel. According to ClassNK, there has been a significant amount of research into condition based monitoring systems for main diesel engines, only limited research has been carried out into its application to auxiliary engine room equipment. ClassNK believes that a need for CBM for auxiliary engines has been identified in recent years, due in the main to engineers and crew not possessing the experience needed to interpret the large amount of sensor data now available on vessels.

Class NK says that, working alongside its subsidiary ClassNK Consulting Service, the outcome of the project should enable it to provide a more advanced and reliable monitoring system capable of assessing a wide range of engine room equipment by enhancing the functions of CMAXS LC-A.

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