Class approval for DeltaLangh scrubber

01 Aug 2014
‘Laura’ has the first DeltaLangh scrubber onboard

‘Laura’ has the first DeltaLangh scrubber onboard

Finnish ship operator Langh Ship says that its exhaust gas scrubber, developed jointly with Deltamarin, has received final class approval from Germanischer Lloyd.

The first system has been trialled on Langh’s cargo vessel Laura, and, following the approval, similar systems are being fitted to the other four ships in the Langh fleet. The scrubber system, of closed loop design, uses caustic soda to neutralise the SOx in the exhaust gas and cleans the process water so that it can be fed to the sea. The residual matter is collected in a dry form so that it can be transported a waste treatment plant onshore.

The scrubber is being made available to other shipping companies through DeltaLangh, a company set up by Deltamarin and Langh subsidiary Oy Lang Tech. “DeltaLangh has already begun installing similar exhaust gas cleaning systems on our other four vessels. The installations are expected to be fully operational on 1 January 2015, when the new regulation comes into force,” sad commercial manager Laura Langh-Lagerlöf.

“The technology had already been accepted earlier, but now the documentation is also finalised,” said Langh senior technical adviser Reino Verosaari. “In a way, this is like crossing the finish line.”

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