Class approval for DP simulator

20 Dec 2013
Kongsberg’s K-Sim DP Manoeuvring simulator, now with DNV Class A certification

Kongsberg’s K-Sim DP Manoeuvring simulator, now with DNV Class A certification

Kongsberg Maritime says that its K-Sim DP manoeuvring simulator, the latest and most advanced in the company’s DP training range, has received Class A Certification from DNV.

The certification indicates compliance with the highest DNV standard for DP simulators according to Standard of Certification of Maritime Simulators number 2.14 (January 2011).

K-Sim DP Manoeuvring is built on the same platform as K-Sim Offshore (previously known as the Kongsberg Offshore Vessel Simulator) and is said to have the power to provide realistic and relevant DP training in various simulated conditions and environments. It is configured with a dual redundant DP system and a 240° or wider visual scene. It includes a power management system and is delivered with standard DP reference systems such as Artemis, Hydroacoustic Position Reference system (HPR), DPS and DARPS. FanBeam and RADius position reference systems are available as options.

“The DNV Class A approved K-Sim DP is developed to conduct more operational and scenario based courses, fulfilling the industry’s training requirements and has the possibility to replace a significant amount of the on board training required in a typical dynamic positioning operator (DPO) training scheme,” said Geir Lilje, product advisor, Kongsberg Maritime.

The simulator includes an Instructor system allowing design of realistic scenarios and introduction of faults and alarm settings throughout the entire training exercise. Recording and replay of all simulation exercises in addition to objective assessment, allow the students to build competence and to be prepared for both daily and emergency situations that might occur in real life.

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