Class NK releases new free strength assessment software for container ships

05 Jan 2012

ClassNK has released of a revised version, 2.5.0, of its direct strength assessment program for container carriers, PrimeShip-HULL (DSA)/Guideline for Containers.

The software, to be made available free of charge, contains new functions to improve usability as well as the strengthening of existing features. Class NK says that the release of this new version comes as designers and shipyards are looking for greater efficiency gains in the ship design process.

“The workload of ship designers has increased as a result of the ever growing number of regulations and conventions. ClassNK sees the easing of such burdens and the improving of efficiency through IT products and services as a key goal of our Society,” says ClassNK president Noboru Ueda. “This software is the product of the Society’s many years of experience in both drawing approval and software development. ClassNK will continue to use this experience to further boost usability, upgrade overall performance, and develop powerful new functions.”

The software was first released in 2003, and was designed to perform the direct calculations defined in this guideline. Using an FE model, users can execute FEM analyses through the use of features such as the automatic identification of structural members and compartments. The revised version, available from ClassNK’s hull department, incorporates the changes made in the latest revisions to the guideline, and includes functions to guide users through the entire operation process.

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