Class societies cooperate in Indonesia

27 Feb 2012
Class NK and BKI agree to deepen their cooperation in Indonesia

Class NK and BKI agree to deepen their cooperation in Indonesia

ClassNK has entered into an agreement with Indonesian classification society, Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia Persero (BKI), to focus on deepening cooperation between the two societies in a range of maritime sectors.

BKI and ClassNK have been working together in classification for over 40 years, but ClassNK says that this agreement marks a new stage in the relationship, in which the two parties look to move closer together for the benefit of the industry.

The agreement provides for a proactive approach to the sharing of information and the exchange of opinions on technical and industry topics. Also on the agenda is pooling of the two organisations’ technical and human resources as the two societies look to improve the quality and convenience of their services across the board in the ship and offshore fields. There is potential for joint research and development projects, collaboration on the development of technical rules, plan approval and surveys, as well as the education and training of technical staff.

The agreement was signed by Captain Purnama, president director of BKI and Noboru Ueda, chairman and president of ClassNK. Speaking after the signing, Mr Ueda expressed his excitement at the potential of this new partnership: “BKI and ClassNK have enjoyed a long and excellent relationship for many years now and I believe that this agreement will build even stronger ties between our two societies in the future. We promise to dedicate ourselves to supporting the ongoing growth and development of BKI and its activities, and securing greater success for Indonesia’s maritime community over the many years to come”.

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