ClassNK begins joint design research project with shipyards

13 Aug 2012

ClassNK says it has started full scale ship tests to develop a feedback scheme on design for ship performance in actual seas in collaboration with Japanese companies Imabari Shipbuilding and Sayonas Shipbuilding.

As part of the project, the ‘ClassNK-Napa Green’ energy saving operation support system provided by the Society and NAPA will be installed in ships constructed by both yards. This will allow verification of the effectiveness of the system using feedback obtained from gathering and analysing data received from the vessels. The project’s objective is to help with total optimisation of fuel efficiency performance in actual sea conditions.

Normally, shipyards use sea trials to confirm performance in calm seas, but performance in other sea states and at realistic draught conditions is not usually determined until the ship enters service. Therefore, ClassNK says that after analysing information obtained during actual operations with the ClassNK-Napa Green system, and determining the relationship between draught, trim, and other parameters including main engine output, vessel speed and weather data, it will be possible to upgrade ship designs to improving performance in actual sea states. The society believes that if this scheme is established, help reduce ships’ environmental burden, and strengthen international competitiveness.

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