ClassNK gains US authorisation for tonnage and load line measurement

12 Dec 2011

USCG has entered into an agreement to delegate official certification to ClassNK in accordance with the International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships and the International Convention on Load Lines.

The Tokyo-based classification society is now authorised to perform surveys and issue certificates for the tonnage measurement and load lines of US flagged vessels. ClassNK’s authority for tonnage measurement also includes ships of US registry on domestic voyages in accordance with domestic regulations.

Following on from this agreement, which was signed on 8 December  between Rear Admiral P. F. Zukunft, Assistant Commandant for Marine Safety, Security and Stewardship, and ClassNK Executive Vice President Dr. Takuya Yoneya, ClassNK expects to conclude similar deals with the United States Coast Guard regarding certification in accordance with the SOLAS and MARPOL conventions in the near future.

ClassNK, which claims to the world’s largest classification society, says that this agreement makes the US the 104th flag administration to delegate authority to the society for certification of its registered fleet. The US register holds around  6,370 vessels totaling nearly 12,000,000gt.

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