ClassNK in collaborative engine research

31 Jul 2014
The MES e-GICS program will include ClassNK's CMAXS system

The MES e-GICS program will include ClassNK's CMAXS system

ClassNK is taking part in a joint project to research the development of condition-based engine monitoring systems for the Mitsui MAN B&W engine.

Together with Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding and MES Technoservice Co, ClassNK will research new ways to eliminate workloads for ship operators when it comes to monitoring sensor data of fuel-efficient, electronically-controlled diesel engines.

The aim is to create a system that automatically analyses the electronically-controlled engine’s sensor data for performance diagnoses, to prevent system failures and to extend the frequency of overhaul intervals. With this system, the companies say both safe operation of the ship and a reduction in lifecycle costs can be achieved.

In 2004, Mitsui introduced an online marine engine support system electronic Global internet Customer Support (e-GICS), that provides a range of functions for performing diagnosis and maintaining equipment.

As well collaborating on the research, ClassNK has also teamed up with its subsidiary, ClassNK Consulting Service Co, to provide ClassNK CMAXS, an advanced, reliable engine condition-based monitoring system.

Mitsui will incorporate the advanced data analysis function of the ClassNK CMAXS system into its own e-GICS system as part of this joint project into the development of e-GICSX, a practical and quality preventative maintenance system capable of monitoring engine abnormalities and equipment performance.

This project is scheduled to continue until March 2016.

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