ClassNK updates guidance for gas fuelled ships

12 Dec 2013

Classification society ClassNK has released its second version of the ‘Guidelines for Gas Fuelled Ships’ based on the requirements for the design of natural gas fuelled ships.

The update reflects the outcome of discussions held at IMO regarding the International Code of Safety for ships using gases or other low flash-point fuels (IGF Code). Class NK says that the industry is looking more towards gaseous fuels in view of environmental regulations and expected reductions in gas prices relative to liquid fuel oils. For this reason, discussions on the IGF Code at the have been accelerated in order to extend safety regulations to this growing sector of the industry. The Code will govern safety aspects of the application of natural gas for propulsion and auxiliary purposes. A draft of the Code has been in place and regularly updated since 2009, and is set to be finalised by 2014.

ClassNK published its original and updated Guidelines for Gas Fuelled Ships to provide comprehensive information on key design features including bunkering, hull structure, fire safety, and explosion prevention measures in line with the results of IMO discussions on the IGF Code. These guidelines are available free of charge via the ClassNK website for those who have registered for the ClassNK ‘My Page’ service.

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