Combi carrier design woos owners

01 Feb 1999

Combination carriers have been out of fashion for much of the 1990s. A recent design aims to change this.
Norwegian shipbroker, O-J Libaek & Partners, a company with over 40 experience in the combination carrier field, believes that the time is now right for a revival of the combination carrier. Only 25 combination carriers have been built since 1992, and of the 100 or so that are actively trading in the oil market, most are over 15 years old, it says.
Working closely with specialist component suppliers, including the MacGregor Group and Frank Mohn, as well as classification society, Det Norske Veritas, Libaek has produced a new design, designated the Optimum 2000 Tri-Cargo Carrier (TCC), which covers both aframax/baby cape and suezmax/capesize configurations.
Libaek contends that its double-hull TCC overcomes a number of the barriers which have prevented more owners from investing in this type of vessel in the past. The cost of building a combination carrier has been between 15 and 20 per cent higher than for a similar size crude oil tanker. Libaek claims that its TCC will be a comparable cost to a single commodity tanker of an equivalent size.

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