Cummins awards ABS ERO status

20 Apr 2007

Diesel engine manufacturer Cummins has selected ABS as a Recognized Organization for engines (ERO). In that role ABS will be able to issue Engine International Air Pollution Prevention Certificates (EIAPP) to Cummins machinery for compliance with IMO?s MARPOL Annex VI NOx Technical Code governing NOx emissions of ship based diesel engines with power output over 130 kW.

ABS has been actively assisting owners to obtain the EIAPP certificates
required by the air emissions pollution prevention control regulations
established by the IMO in this Annex. In particular, ABS has provided
guidance for compliance with nitrogen oxide (NOx) requirements for owners
seeking NOx engine certification.

To simplify the process, ABS has created a totally electronic handling system for issuing EIAPP certificates through its proprietary engineering plan review software system. A module within this program allows ABS engineers reviewing an engine?s technical file to handle all the necessary reviews, approvals and correspondence electronically. ABS surveyors have electronic access to the information they need for the initial pre-certification survey at the engine manufacturing facility and
subsequent issuance of the EIAPP certificate.

"We have an intrinsic understanding of the MARPOL Annex VI regulations,"
says Ravinder Tanwar, Chief Engineer, Ship Engineering Department, ABS Americas. "We have combined this technical knowledge with a system that provides for the electronic submission and review of the required approved engine technical files so that EIAPP certificates can be issued in just days.

ABS acts as an ERO for a wide range of prominent marine engine manufacturers in addition to this recent recognition by Cummins.

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