New EcoLiner design concept

12 Sep 2012
Damen's 'EcoLiner'

Damen's 'EcoLiner'

Damen’s inland waterway shipyard, Bodewes Binnenvaart BV, has designed a new inland shipping concept, the 110m long ‘EcoLiner’, in partnership with Dutch inland shipping company, The QaGroup.

The vessel runs purely on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), for which permission had to be obtained from the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, to enable it to operate in all international inland waterways.

The fuel concept works together with Bodewes Binnenvaart’s air lubricated ACES hull to help reduce fuel costs and reduce emissions.

Rob Schuurmans, director, Bodewes Binnenvaart, said: “Because this concept is built up on a modular basis, shippers, and barge operators can pick and choose. We can tailor the concept to the customer’s exact requirements. This concept provides an integrated shipbuilding, ship management and financing solution.”

He added: “We expect this new concept to appeal to shippers of consumables particularly, oil companies and logistic operators keen to get their cargo off the roads and keen on having one partner, one contact to deal with.”

The LNG/ACES system can be fitted to any inland ship on its own or as part of a package offered by the companies, which can include everything from shipbuilding and design, to leasing and financing arrangements.

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