Damen retrofitting for emission regs

14 May 2012
‘Bit Oktania’ at Götaverken for maintenance and retrofitting

‘Bit Oktania’ at Götaverken for maintenance and retrofitting

With increasing demand for fleets to be fitted with emission reduction systems in light of the new emission requirements coming into effect in 2015 – Damen Shiprepair is doing its best to up the ante in terms of lowering installation costs.

The new IMO regulations to reduce sulphur, nitrous oxides and other particulates means new building and conversion requirements for vessels. Conversion can run into the millions for just one vessel.

The tanker Bit Oktania owned by Tarbit Shipping is currently in dry dock for routine maintenance at Götaverken. At the same time it is being upgraded with a new catalyser system to help meet the new environmental demands.

“We try to keep installation costs at the lowest possible levels to mitigate the high costs experienced by ship owners due to new environmental demands”, said Jos Goris, managing director of Damen Shiprepair, Götaverken.

It's quite a challenge though even for a huge concern like Damen – although there are clearly more positives than negatives attached to the work.

Mr Goris added: “It gives us the opportunity to develop new ways of cooperating with our Scandinavian suppliers and we experience a knowledge increase, which has a positive effect on our workforce.”

Further, it also fits with Damen’s strategy to promote sustainable operations.

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