DNV approval for engineroom simulators

03 Jan 2012
BigView ERS configuration at Kalmar Maritime Academy

BigView ERS configuration at Kalmar Maritime Academy

Kongsberg Maritime says that a total of 14 engine room simulator models have recently received new DNV statements of compliance, in accordance with the latest revised DNV and STCW standards.

The new DNV Standard for Certification of Maritime Simulators No 2.14 January 2011 is based on the requirements of STCW Convention, Regulation I/12 and includes the new 2010 amended convention that came into force from 1 January 2012.

Kongsberg Maritime claims to be the first maritime simulation supplier to be certified to this level. The new Type Approvals, which are valid to 15 December 2016, were awarded to the Kongsberg Maritime range of Neptune engine room simulator models, including the new RT Flex and diesel electric dual fuel models. Kongsberg has received additional Class S approval for six of the approved simulator models, which states the inclusion of significant new requirements for the training of marine electricians.

the thermal Power Plant (TPP) and the gas turbine trainer also received Class S approval. The gas turbine model is certified for simulating operation and maintenance of particular machinery equipment, while the TPP is certified for engineering scenarios.

“Kongsberg Maritime continuously develops and improves its simulator products to meet and exceed certification requirements and market demands. Our development programme and commitment to meeting new training requirements within ship technology ensure that our engine room simulators and models are approved to the highest standards, ensuring our customers can provide up-to-date and fully approved simulation facilities,” comments Leif Pentti Halvorsen, product manager for Neptune engine room simulators, Kongsberg Maritime.

Kongsberg says that it has supplied its approved Neptune simulators to training organisations for 35 years, with the success attributable to the high fidelity simulation and flexibility derived from the sheer number of models available and the ability to be configured as desktop, BigView touch screen or full mission systems.

The new DNV Type Approvals are for the following engine room simulators:

Medium/high speed
1. ERS-M22-IV Pielstick Medium Speed Ferry Class A+S
2. ERS-M11 MaK-IV Medium Speed Trawler Class A
3. ERS-H22 Water Jet MTU High Speed Class A
4. ERS-M11 MaK 8M453 Medium Speed Navy Logistic Vessel Class A
5. ERS-M22 MAK-Medium Speed River Vessel Class A
6. ERS-M21-II Pielstick Medium Speed Multi Purpose Vessel Class A

Low speed
7. ERS-MC90-V MAN B&W Low Speed VLCC Class A+S
8. ERS-RTA-III Sulzer Low Speed Container Vessel Class A+S
9. ERS-RT-Flex Wärtsila Low Speed Container Vessel Class A+S

Steam Plant
10. ERS- -SP-Dual Fuel LNG Turbine Ship Class A

Diesel Electric
11. ERS DE-DF Diesel Electric LNG Carrier Class A +S
12. ERS DE-III Diesel Electric Cruise Ship Class A +S

Special task
13. TPP Thermal Power Plant Class S
14. GT 25 General Electric LM2500 Gas Turbine Class S

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