DNV develops new seismic vessel notation

03 Oct 2012
DNV has added class notations for seismic ships

DNV has added class notations for seismic ships

DNV has created a new class notation for seismic vessels as the demand continues to grow with the development of new energy sources.

The notation was released this summer following discussions with some the industry’s key players including WesternGeco, PGS and Fugro-Geoteam. Containing modern computerised technology to find resources below the seabed; seismic vessels are an important source to future offshore field developments. Interruptions to the ship’s movement could complicate data processing and continuous operations. The new notation focuses on increased availability of seismic vessels during vital phases of operations.

Jan Kvålsvold, director for market and business development, said: By introducing the new class notation we are helping owners in this high-tech special vessel segment to meet future demands with the outmost safety and reliability.”

DNV’s notation calls for the maintenance of propulsive power so that any failure on board should not lead to loss of more than 50% forward thrust. The notation also requires a deck arrangement that facilitates side by side transfer for crew and resupply from a seismic support vessel.

As well as this, the class notation also sets a requirement for the bridge arrangement to ensure good view to the streamers and any workboats close by during operation and addresses high pressure systems to ensure that deck operations can be carried out safely.

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