Energy-efficient coatings for chemical tankers

04 Sep 2013
Eitzen is applying Jotun's HPS to two of its largest chemical tankers

Eitzen is applying Jotun's HPS to two of its largest chemical tankers

Tanker operator Eitzen Chemical is implementing Jotun's Hull Performance Solutions (HPS) system on two of its largest chemical carriers.

The first vessel, Siteam Discoverer, applied SeaQuantum X200 to the hull at the COSCO Dalian Shipyard in China in May, while the next vessel will dock in October this year.

"Eitzen Chemical is aware of its environmental responsibility and we strive to comply with and maintain high standards in order to reduce the environmental impact from our operations. We are therefore excited to see the first hull performance measurements on the two vessels and the effect the coating has had on their fuel consumption, emission and operating efficiency", says Rasmus Kjaer, technical general manager for Siteam Discoverer. “Through several years of measuring our vessel's performance, we recognise that the correct choice of antifouling is one of the ‘low hanging fruits’ when it comes to increasing our vessel's energy efficiency",.

Jotun’s HPS is based on the SeaQuantum X200 antifouling, and is claimed to offer a reliable and transparent method for measuring the impact of the antifouling on vessel energy efficiency as well as a no-cure-no-pay business model. The company says that compared to market average antifouling, SeaQuantum X200 is expected to deliver an improvement in propulsion efficiency by 15 % on a ship that maintains its speed over 60 months.

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