Engine propels Chinese education

06 Apr 2011
The MAN B&W 6SME-B9 that forms the centrepiece of Shanghai Maritime University’s engine room integrated laboratory

The MAN B&W 6SME-B9 that forms the centrepiece of Shanghai Maritime University’s engine room integrated laboratory

A new teaching facility has now been officially opened at Shanghai Maritime University’s Lingang campus, at the heart of which is a fully-functional MAN B&W two-stroke engine.

The centre took two years to build and comprises 2,100m2 of floor space. The MAN B&W 6SME-B9 engine includes its own control room, and will be used for practical tuition. As part of the new laboratory facility, MAN Diesel & Turbo is opening a PrimeServ Academy on the same premises. MAN says that its academy will:

  • provide practical training courses to SMU students and crews on the operation of modern diesel engines;
  • host a “green project” facility, test-running a MAN four-stroke engine on cooking oil and bio-fuel;
  • carry out retrofitting and upgrading projects on the main two-stroke engine with MAN PrimeServ supporting the maintenance of the laboratory engine along with that of SMU’s own training ship that is also powered by a MAN diesel engine ; and
  • carry out research and development on the main laboratory engine.

The opening ceremony was attended by academics, local dignitaries and representatives of, among others, COSCO, China Shipping, Costamare and MAN Diesel & Turbo.

A number of attendees spoke at the event, including Goetz Kassing, managing director of MAN Diesel Shanghai. In his speech, Kassing made reference to the exploits of some of the main characters from China’s proud, maritime history and drew a line connecting Shanghai’s position by the Yangtze and its status as China’s leading port through to SMU’s long tradition of producing maritime graduates and how it will use the new engine in training the next generation of Chinese mariners. Kassing said: “The opening of the laboratory today in Lingang marks another step forward in Chinese maritime life. This new facility has a fully operational MAN B&W 6-cylinder S35ME-B9 engine, and MAN Diesel & Turbo was delighted to be given the opportunity to come aboard - as both a technical and commercial partner.”

Chinese maritime education has its origins in Shanghai where the shipping section of Shanghai Industrial College was founded early in the 20th century. Currently, SMU has a full-time student population of almost 20,000. Over the course of its existence, SMU has devoted itself to fostering qualified personnel for the shipping industry and has provided shipping enterprises, public institutions and government departments with over 40,000 marine graduates. In recognition of this success, the Chinese State has honoured SMU by designating it a ‘cradle of qualified shipping personnel’. SMU prides itself on the quality of its staff, which comprises a teaching and research body of more than 800 academics, of whom over 100 are full professors.

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