Exhaust gas cleaning system repeat order

09 Dec 2013
The Alfa Laval PureSOx system as fitted on a DFDS ro-ro ship

The Alfa Laval PureSOx system as fitted on a DFDS ro-ro ship

Alfa Laval has announced an order to supply five PureSOx exhaust gas cleaning systems to Dutch ship owner Spliethoff, following the same owner’s initial delivery in 2012.

The PureSOx scrubbers will be retrofitted to the five ships during 2014. Due to confidentiality agreements, the value of the order has not been disclosed. Since Spliethoff received its first PureSOx system, it has logged more than 7000 hours of operation in accordance with the forthcoming IMO ECA emissions limits, stating that sulphur emission levels in ECAs shall be cut to 0.1% for all ships from the year 2015 and that the global emission level must not exceed 0.5% from the year 2020. To reach these levels ship owners can either use more expensive low-sulphur fuel or, on vessels where it is suitable, continue to run the ship on heavy fuel oil and invest in a scrubber system.

“This repeat order for our scrubber technology confirms that it is an attractive and proven solution for the reduction of sulphur oxides, be it for retrofits or for installation aboard new vessels,” said Lars Renström, president and CEO of Alfa Lava.

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