Finnlines works to reduce fleet emissions

15 May 2014
The Wärtsilä scrubbers will be installed on Finnlines' ro-ro fleet

The Wärtsilä scrubbers will be installed on Finnlines' ro-ro fleet

In a bid to reduce its environmental impact and comply with new upcoming stringent SOx emissions regulations, Finnlines has ordered a range of exhaust gas cleaning systems.

The first order is for six Wärtsilä scrubber systems to be connected to two main engines on six of Finnlines’ ro-ro vessels. These open loop scrubber systems use seawater to remove the SOx from the vessel’s exhaust. Chemicals are not required since the natural alkalinity of seawater neutralises the acid created by the reaction of the SOx with water.

They will enable the vessels to operate in compliance with the new regulations while continuing to operate on heavy fuel oil. The Wärtsilä systems will also operate in compliance with the water discharge criteria set by the regulations.

Also on order are four PureSOx exhaust gas systems from Wärtsilä’s competitor Alfa Laval. Four vessels will be retrofitted during the end of 2014, beginning of 2015, with Alfa Laval’s hybrid-prepared open-loop systems, which can use both sea and fresh water to clean emissions from the main engine.

Delivery from Wärtsilä is expected for November and December this year.

IMO’s convention for the reduction of SOx emissions is to enter into force in January 2015, and will affect all vessels, both new and existing. The convention calls for sulphur emission levels in certain Emission Control Areas (ECAs) to be cut to 0.1% from 2015 and that the global emission level must not exceed 0.5% from 2020.

Finnlines is one of the largest North-European liner shipping companies, providing sea transport services mainly in the Baltic and North Sea.

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