First installation for intelligent monitoring system

02 May 2012
Installation of BIMS on board the ‘Titania’

Installation of BIMS on board the ‘Titania’

The first new Intelligent Monitoring System from Becker Marine of Germany (BIMS) has been installed on Wilhelmsen’s newbuild car carrier 'Titania'.

Becker describes BIMS as an innovative development to enhance capabilities of high-performance manoeuvring. The system monitors current forces and torque on the rudder while processing and storing the data in a computer unit. The unit can be integrated via standard interfaces into a vessel network to make rudder data available to any other connected system. BIMS provides an additional input to improve or refine navigation, positioning, performance control and load monitoring.

Becker says that analysis of the force and torque data during operation in the North Sea gave an interesting glace on the dynamics of manoeuvring and its complexity, considering seaway and vessel motion. It showed that standard prediction methods in general derived from steady conditions are somewhat limited. BIMS monitors actual conditions and applies optimum helm angles to maximise rudder force or minimise drag.

The system was developed by Becker Marine Systems in close cooperation with MAC System Solutions, with a version for dynamic positioning applications known as KBIMS developed in conjunction with Kongsberg Maritime.

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