Four methanol carriers ordered

18 Feb 2014

Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) of Japan says that it has contracted with Methanol Holdings Trinidad (MHTL) to build and charter four methanol carriers.

MOL says that the new contracts will play an essential part in its strategy to strengthen long-term business, as well as enabling the company to renew its methanol fleet by replacing older vessels with ships featuring the most advanced designs.

Global demand for methanol is expected to grow and MOL says it will continue expanding its services to meet the needs of a broad range of customers, building on its extensive experience and know-how as a worldwide leader in methanol transport. MHTL is a global producer of methanol, UAN, melamine and ammonia, with capacity for producing over 4 million ton/year of methanol in Trinidad, as well as links with partner companies in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

No details of the size of the ships and whether or not they will use methanol as propulsion fuel have yet been released.

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