Fuel treatment for the slow steaming age

23 May 2014
Fuel test kit from Wilhelmsen Ships Service

Fuel test kit from Wilhelmsen Ships Service

Wilhelmsen Ships Service has launched a new range of fuel treatments under the Unitor brand name, intended to address problems resulting from aspects like fuel switching, blending and slow steaming.

The treatments come under the FuelPower name, for HFO, and DieselPower, for distillates, plus a range of test kits. The new chemicals are more concentrated than previously, meaning lower quantities are needed, so less to carry onboard, leading in its own way to a reduction in emissions.

The various chemicals in the range are designed to, before the fuel is burned, keep the fuel stable and reduce sludge formation in fuel tanks; remove sludge, water and solids from the tank; and reduce filter problems and carbon depositions in the fuel heater. During the combustion process, the treatments are said to improve combustion to reduce soot formation; minimise the deposit formation in the combustion chamber and on exhaust valves; and neutralise acid formation. Post combustion, the claimed benefits include reducing the deposit formation on the turbocharger nozzles, reducing soot and ash deposits in exhaust gas boiler, and minimising high and low temperature corrosion problems.

The onboard test kits are intended to identify possible problems in fuel samples that could lead to poor performance and damage. The fuel testing equipment allows the crew to get immediate insight to the state of the fuel samples, and is claimed to be quick, simple and accurate.

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