FutureShip and Marorka ally on emissions

09 Feb 2012
Efficiency is the name of the game for FutureShip and Marorka

Efficiency is the name of the game for FutureShip and Marorka

A new strategic alliance between Marorka, Icelandic energy consultants and FutureShip, a GL company specialising in maritime consultancy services, has been formed with the aim of reducing emissions for shipowners around the world.

The news came yesterday as FutureShip opened a new office in Singapore.

Together the two companies will integrate each other’s product portfolios in the areas of fuel efficiency, energy management and related consulting.

“We are very excited that via this cooperation with FutureShip we will be able to serve the shipping industry with our long experience and advanced energy management products on a significantly broader scale", said Dr. Jón Ágúst Thorsteinsson, managing director of Marorka.

And he has every right to be excited – the two companies may just have chosen the right point in time to come together. The news comes at a time when the race for energy efficiency is gaining momentum across the maritime industry – with new emission targets needing to be reached.

Alongside its own solutions, FutureShip will offer Marorka hardware and software products including Marorka SPM – the stand alone ship performance monitoring system that calculates fuel efficiency based on fuel consumption, GPS and log speed, propeller power and engine RPM.

As an advanced alternative to basic performance monitoring, the Marorka Maren Operating Platform (OP3) is also on offer and can be connected, via an automated interface, to FutureShip’s renowned trim optimisation tool, ECO-Assistant.

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