Gibdock dredger repair

27 Aug 2014
Van Oord’s 137m long trailing suction hopper dredger, ‘Lelystad’

Van Oord’s 137m long trailing suction hopper dredger, ‘Lelystad’

Van Oord’s 137m long trailing suction hopper dredger, ‘Lelystad’ has undergone an extensive programme of works at Gibdock’s yard in Gibraltar.

Works included steelwork, pipe, mechanical and painting work. The steelwork was particularly demanding due to limited space for access.

“Dredgers are by no means our bread and butter but we get a regular stream of work from our operators who know we have the capabilities to handle the heavy duty repairs often required on such vessels,” said John Taylor, production director, Gibdock.

This is the second time that the vessel has been drydocked in Gibraltar and this job saw the yard replacing and renewing around 300m2 of doubler pates inside the hopper with around 15.2 tonnes of steel being used in all.

Another significant part of the project involved extensive work to the Lelystad’s deck crane. All four bogies were removed and new ones fitted, while the crane track rack was also removed, the foundation rail realigned through the use of heating and straightening, and a new rail welded into place.

The crane’s gearbox was removed ashore, overhauled and machined, and a new pinion fitted. Hydraulic cylinders operating the bottom doors of the hopper, 12 units in all, were removed and taken ashore for overhauling by the manufacturer.

Almost 68m of pipe had to be fabricated and fitted in place to serve a new fuel oil mixing tank, while 108m of pipe of various sizes was renewed elsewhere onboard.

Other elements of the project included the fitting and welding in place of new hull liners; fabrication and fitting into place of a new MOB structure, comprising a walkway, platform, boat cradle and davit support pillar; installation of 19 new bridge windows, and renewal of aft ventilation structures.

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