Gibdock Technip overhaul

01 Aug 2013
'Wellservicer', Technip’s DP-Class 3 multi role diving support vessel in dry dock

'Wellservicer', Technip’s DP-Class 3 multi role diving support vessel in dry dock

Offshore vessel specialist Gibdock has secured its first dry dock contract from Technip, an expert in construction and engineering work for the energy industry.

Wellservicer, Technip’s 111m 9158gt DP-Class 3 multi role diving support vessel with subsea lift capacity, underwent an intensive class renewal docking at Gibdock's Gibraltar yard and has now been delivered back to its operator.

Richard Beards, managing director, Gibdock, said: “Gibdock’s work is characterised by its diversity and continues to involve a full range of vessel types. However, our location, quality of work and ability to redeliver on schedule is attracting a growing number of high-end offshore vessel owners.”

Before starting work Gibdock staff undertook Technip’s Integrated Safe System of Work (ISSoW) programme, a course specific to the marine sector exemplifying the standards set for the owner’s fleet. All manual workers engaged in the project passed level 1, with Gibdock management undertaking level 3.

Technip's demanding safety standards will have served to add kudos to Gibdock’s ability in the specialised offshore sector. Gibdock staff will remain ISSoW-certified for two years and therefore the company is in a strong position to offer its services to Technip again in the near future.

The main scope of work included an extensive overhaul of the ship’s three tunnel thrusters and three azimuthing thrusters, which were removed to the yard’s workshops, disassembled and put through a rigorous maintenance programme before rebuilding. Gibdock engineers worked in close collaboration with Technip’s supplier, Rolls Royce.

Works also included removal of the two small deck cranes and their replacement with two brand new five tonne capacity units. This required deck plate modification, including work to under deck stiffeners.

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