Grease for extreme conditions at sea

14 Jul 2011

Shell Lubricants has announced an improved Gadus grease range, designed to meet the challenges of current marine equipment operating in the wettest, coldest, hottest and most extreme conditions.

Shell Gadus S2 V220AC and Shell Gadus S2 A320 - previously Shell Alvania HD and Shell Rhodina EP(LF), respectively - are extreme-pressure, multi-purpose greases used for industrial and marine applications that require lubrication of plain bearings working under arduous conditions in the presence of water. Grease is relied upon to provide good wear protection and bearing life for moderate to high-speed bearings, as well as mechanical stability in the presence of water. The Shell Gadus range claims to offer the reliability, long lifespan and stringent performance required for the latest generation of marine equipment in large vessels including dredgers and ore carriers. The Gadus greases are intended for lubricating very large slow-moving gears, wire ropes and cables, and can also be used for the large cranes, grabs and self-unloading gear. Shell adds that the single Gadus brand makes it simpler to compare and select suitable products. To aid the selection process, Shell says the range is based around key tiers, each offering increasing levels of performance and protection, including: entry, mainline, premium and advanced, which uses the latest synthetic, high-performance technology.

Gordon Dillaman, general manager for greases at Shell Lubricants explains: “Shell Gadus is the new unifying name for Shell greases, creating one of the largest global grease brands. The range of products has been developed to deliver value through enhanced wear protection, long grease life and increased system efficiency.”

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