Greeks adopt the MAN G95 engine

09 Jan 2014
The MAN G95ME-C9.2 engine

The MAN G95ME-C9.2 engine

Two Greek shipowners have selected MAN Diesel & Turbo’s new two-stroke main engines, the G95ME-C, as prime mover for two sets of its container vessels.

The orders are for five confirmed engines, three 2 x G95ME-C9.2 engines for its 9,000 teu and two 2 x G95ME-C9.2 engines for its 11,000 teu series, to be constructed by one of MAN’s Korean licensees – Hanjin Heavy Industries Corporation (HHIC) in the Philippines.

Originally launched in July 2013, the GE95ME-C engine was specifically developed for the large, modern container vessel segment and is optimised for efficiency and green technology.

The engine was launched because of perceived development in the market leading toward further optimisation of large container ships’ propulsion efficiency.

The ‘G’ in the engine name stands for green and the prefix means that the engine has an ultra long stroke which in combination with a low rpm and larger propeller paves the way for higher efficiency. Since its introduction, more than 400 engines have borne the G prefix.

The engine design follows the engine principles of the large bore, Mark 9 engine series that MAN introduced back in 2006.

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