HHI smart ship solution completes field tests

20 Jul 2017
The 'Glovis Challenger' is one of two ships on which the new smart ship solution has been field tested

The 'Glovis Challenger' is one of two ships on which the new smart ship solution has been field tested

Hyundai Heavy Industries’ (HHI) new integrated smart ship solution (ISSS) has completed field tests on a pure car truck carrier and a very large ore carrier.

The system - which employs condition monitoring and big data analytics to provide information including optimal navigation route, speed and trim – is expected to play a role in enhancing the efficiency and safety of ships. HHI said the system can cut a vessel’s operating cost by 6%.

The ISSS builds on the Integrict intelligent energy management system developed by the newly spun-off Hyundai Electric. HHI’s earlier smart ship systems date back to 2011 and have been applied to around 300 vessels. In May the company signed an agreement with the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (Bahri) to cooperate in the field of smart ships.

Luis Benito, innovation, strategy and research director, Lloyd’s Register, projected that the ISSS system could be installed on 700 ships in the next five years, given Clarkson Research’s forecast of 6,500 newbuilds orders in that period and HHI’s current share of newbuilding.

“HHI’s technology seeks to align with delivering the key benefits we believe the maritime industry will most benefit from through the adoption of connected, digital and autonomous technologies,” said Benito.

“As IMO will introduce e-navigation, a strategy to bring about increased safety of navigation in commercial shipping through better organisation of data on ships by 2019, the demand for smart ships is expected to grow further,” a statement from HHI noted.

HHI reported that the ISSS had completed field tests on the 6,500-car pure car truck carrier Glovis Challenge, as well as on a 250,000dwt ore carrier.