Innovative asymmetrical icebreaker for the Gulf of Finland and Baltic Sea

30 May 2010
Artist impression of the proposed asymmetrical icebreaker

Artist impression of the proposed asymmetrical icebreaker

The Finnish companies STX Finland, Aker Arctic Technology, Southeast Trading (SET Group), and the Russian companies OAO Sovcomflot and FSUE Rosmorport have signed a cooperation agreement with the purpose of developing and building a new type of oil spill combat icebreaker for Sovcomflot.

This multipurpose vessel, having an asymmetrical hull that is based on the icebreaking technology developed by Aker Arctic Technology, will be able to use an innovative sideway movement to collect the oil in demanding ice conditions, as well as to break a broad ice band effectively. The vessel will also be able to independently support escorting and towing tasks for large tankers in the Baltic Sea and will be equipped with three rudder propeller devices with a total propulsive capacity of 7.5MW.

The 1,450 dwt newbuilding will measure about 67m long and about 19m wide, would provide for an efficient arrangement of the necessary technological equipment, including tanks for collected oil and chemicals with capacity up to 1,500 m3. Ice performance of the vessel provides for its good icebreaking capability in solid ice with thickness up to 1.2m and in the hummocky ice of the Gulf of Finland.

“The shipyard will be chosen on the basis of the tender procedures that have been agreed with the parties of this project,” said the general manager of FSUE Rosmorport Igor Rusu at the official signing ceremony, “however, the priority will be given to the Russian-Finnish partnership.”

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