Kittiwake launches marine oil laboratory test service

26 Apr 2010
Kittiwake's partner oil analysis laboratory

Kittiwake's partner oil analysis laboratory

Kittiwake Development has launched a new, independent marine oil test service, developed specifically with the needs of the marine industry in mind.

The new service allows any lube oil or hydraulic oil onboard a ship to be sent in for analysis of characteristics including wear metals, contaminants, oil condition and additives.

With an understanding that modern ship owners and operators require swift results, Kittiwake ensures turnaround time for the new service is extremely fast with all samples being analyzed and diagnosed by the end of the next business day. Complete with a highly detailed diagnostic statement prepared by a mechanical engineer, the laboratory report provides a comprehensive insight into the health of the engine. The service covers analysis of the combustion process, cylinder oil feed rates, fuel problems and identification of potential issues such as piston and liner wear, incomplete combustion and crank case system oil analysis.

The report, which also provides an overview and comparison of an engine’s four previous samples, can be e-mailed, faxed or posted directly to the client. But to enable even faster access to results, it is also available from a specially designed, firewall-protected website offering complete historical data, graphical trend analysis and photographs of the sample and tests. Service engineers are available to discuss the report, provide advice and answer any questions relating to the report or equipment. 

To ensure Kittiwake we can provide this service, it has formed a strategic partnership with a certified and accredited laboratory with over 15 years’ experience in used oil lab analysis. Their joint database of more than one million used oil samples from more than 15,000 customers spanning the globe, coupled with cooperation with lube oil suppliers and engine manufacturers enables the company to provide independent and informed recommendations.

Matthias Winkler, managing director, Kittiwake GmbH, explained: “The Kittiwake Marine Oil Test Service has been launched in response to requests from our customers. As an independent company, Kittiwake knows our customers rely on us to minimize costs related to oil consumption and feed rate. The Marine Oil Test Service enables us to provide swift, impartial analysis and advice that assists customers in making informed decisions.

Winkler concluded: “Neglected oil changes, expensive repairs and break down times can be avoided with the correct information and advice, which is why Kittiwake is committed to offering a range of products and services to analyze oil condition, both onboard and in lab.”

Typical applications for Kittiwake’s independent marine oil lab service include diesel engine system oil, cylinder drain oil, stern tube oil, hydraulic oil and gear box oil.

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