Large PSV orders from US shipyards

19 Nov 2011

Hornbeck Offshore Services, of the USA, has contracted to construct eight 97.2m long offshore supply vessels with VT Halter Marine, and a further eight with Eastern Shipbuilding Group.

VT Halter Marine, a subsidiary of Singapore Technologies, says its contract is worth about $353 million and includes an option for up to 24 additional identical vessels. Construction will take place at the VT Halter Marine Moss Point and Mississippi yards. Based on the yard’s Super 320 design developed for HOS, the DP2 OSVs are designed to have about 20,900 barrels of liquid mud carrying capability, 1,102m2 of deck area and a fire-fighting class notation. Engineering work has begun already, and construction of the first vessel is expected to commence during the first quarter of 2012. The eight OSVs are scheduled for delivery between October 2013 and September 2014.

The eight OSVs to be constructed by Eastern Shipbuilding will be DP2 classed and consist of four vessels based on the STX Marine SV 300 design and four vessels based on the STX Marine SV 310 design.

The Super 320 is an enlarged version of an 88m PSV, HOS Coral, delivered by VT Halter Marine to HOS in March 2009. The Super 320 design has been developed with particular attention to environmental regulations, featuring a double-hull to eliminate fuel storage adjacent to the sideshell, and propulsion machinery that meets the requirements of EPA Tier 3 for stack emissions.

The STX designs meet the same environmental standards mentioned above for the Super 320 design and will carry the Enviro class notation by the American Bureau of Shipping. Features of the STX design include a capacity for over 20,000 barrels of liquid mud and a fire-fighting class notation. In addition, the SV 300 design calls for 5,500dwt capacity and 10,976ft2 of deck space, while the SV 310 design calls for 6,144dwt capacity and 11,536ft2 of deck space.

The first option for the additional vessels is required to be exercised by September 2012 and may be exercised individually or in a series. Delivery dates for option vessels are approximately 26 months following the option exercise.

"VT Halter Marine's design capability and track record has once again been endorsed by Hornbeck, a leading provider of new generation OSV in the US; we look forward to forging an even stronger partnership with Hornbeck," said NG Sing Chan, president, ST Marine.

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