Latest Rolls-Royce UT design to use LNG

27 Aug 2010
Computerised rendering of the LNG powered UT776 CDG design

Computerised rendering of the LNG powered UT776 CDG design

Island Offshore in Norway will expand its fleet of Rolls-Royce UT776 PSVs with two more vessels of the same type. However, a major differenceis that the new ships will use LNG for fuel.

Rolls-Royce says that it has worked for several years developing designs and systems for offshore vessels using LNG as fuel and these newbuildings will be the first LNG powered UT vessels designed and powered by the company. Currently Island Offshore has four UT 776 supply vessels in service and two more under construction.

The newly ordered units will be built by STX Offshore Norway at its Brevik yard which has previously built a number of vessels for the ship-owner.

The newly developed gas-electric diesel-electric propulsion system for the vessels will have an effective gas tank capacity of about 200m3, corresponding to 10-20 day operation on gas alone depending on the exact operational profile. The gas engines are two of the new C26:33 series from Rolls-Royce.

The new UT776 CDGs will be 96m long with a beam of 20m, will transport all normal offshore supplies and also be equipped for oil recovery.

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