Lloyd Werft to build new cable-layer type

14 Feb 2011
Lloyd Werft bags first for Beluga Cable

Lloyd Werft bags first for Beluga Cable

Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven (LWB) will build the 7,000 dwt ‘Beluga Connection’, the first cable-layer for new German company Beluga Offshore Cable.

Tom Todd writes: The new alliance between Beluga Offshore and Deutsche Offshore Consult, said earlier in February 2011 that it was bringing in a “a new type of cable-laying vessel” but has only now revealed who will build it.

LWB specialises in repair, conversion and completion, but has more recently also turned out specialist newbuildings. Beluga Connection however is believed to be the first cable-layer it has built. A consortium grouping shipbuilding experts at Beluga Fleet Management, HB Hunte Engineering and Deutsche Offshore Consult has been involved in its conception and development.

Just what the exact cost of the ship will be, was not initially revealed, but a market source told The Motorship it will be in the region of about €50 million.

Work on the Beluga Connection will begin very soon and the ship will be completed by about May 2012. It will be 110m long, 28m wide and draw 4.5m.

The propulsion system will comprise four 1,000kW azimuth thrusters, two of them retractable, and a 450kW bow thruster. The ship will boast three onboard cranes for lifting rolls of cable and will load a maximum of 4,000 tons of cable.

Maximum transfer speed will be 12 knots and the ship will boast a sea swell compensator for cable laying and be able to lay in depths of 50m. Beluga Connection will also boast a four point mooring system, as well as a 4m x 7m moon pool and a diving system with decompression chamber. Officials said the ship’s deck could easily be converted for other tasks, for example offshore supply.

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